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The financial and legal value of the model

The implementation of the model Biogold Network EM, S.A. includes modern financial and legal instruments that allow a greater integration of our varieties within our Clients' structures, by use of a framework that offers flexibility and optimum decision-making.

As the base of our contracting system of the varieties offered, we introduce the Option Market through which producers interested in a variety may acquire the optional right on a determined number of licenses, on payment of an option premium.

This Option Market allows the following:

  • Planning the offer corresponding to a variety.
  • The organised and structured access to the producer adding the transfer rights between producers.
  • Making strategic decisions in a free business framework.

The Royalties represent the financial consideration for the breeders and variety managers and are the base and reason for the holder of the exclusive rights of the exploitation of the variety to access his right duly regulated by a licence contract.

The Legal Safety is an essential element in our system.



Biogold Network EM, S.A. is established as a new business project from Biogold Group, in which Biogold International has an interest, to provide services with maximum added value and protection...
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