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Biogold Network EM, S.A. is established as a new business project from Biogold Group, in which Biogold International has an interest, to provide services with maximum added value and protection to Breeders and Producers in the introduction and marketing of new protected varieties in Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

Biogold Group is an organisation present worldwide through investee companies and partnerships for the management of Intellectual Property (IP) in the horticultural sector, mainly in citrus varieties, Mediterranean and subtropical fruits, berries and nuts, ornamental plants, flowers, biological control products, biofuel and traceability systems.

The breeders, discoverers of new varieties, provide the fundamental value, prospects, innovation and improvement to the necessary evolution of the agricultural world.

Through Biogold Network EM, S.A, as part of the international network of the Biogold Group, the breeders are provided with a platform located in Spain and in other Mediterranean countries, in order to assist with the efficient exploitation of their varieties.

Local producers, such as farmers and trade operators, recover their leading role of farming and the fundamental value of the supply chain in the markets, through the new protected varieties introduced by Biogold Network EM, S.A.

Biogold Network EM, S.A. is born as a company with business ethics and integrity, solving and providing solutions based on a simplicity concept.

After years of business relations and collaboration, Biogold International (Pty) Ltd and Nova 2004 Consulting, S.L. have taken an important step in our environment, combining their knowledge, interests, value and investment to develop a project of the future in the Euro-Mediterranean framework through the Spanish company Biogold Network EM, S.A., providing:
Biogold International. Expertise, knowledge, relationships and global reputation in the Intellectual Property management in Plant Varieties.

Nova 2004 Consulting, S.L. International experience in exports, horticultural consultant, worldwide research for plant varieties (Australia, USA, etc.) and development of an extensive, local knowledge in the production and marketing of citrus.

In the project Biogold Network EM, S.A., the important thing is the collaboration of companies with extensive experience in the technical and legal areas and with knowledge of the industry.

The legal department of Biogold Internacional, through Robert de Rooy, renders the international legal assistance in intellectual property.
Carrión y Asociados offers the project specialised legal services related to the plant varieties in Spain.
The renowned Legal Firm Garrigues provides its extensive experience in different legal aspects such as registration and protection of new varieties.

The wish to serve and be close to the producer establishes the location of our offices in Spain.

Tax and business address
Carril de la Condomina, 3
30006 Murcia                                                        

Administrative office
Argentina 23,25, Planta 4
43500 Tortosa

Valencia office
Ronda Narciso Monturiol, 5
Edificio SGS, Planta 2, dcha.
46980 Parque Tecnológico Paterna


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