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“It is a known fact that the determining factor in the profitability of the horticultural sector, particularly in the cases of citrus, is the establishment of new protected varieties of limited production that satisfy the needs of the market and maximize the value of the production resources.

The current legal framework of the protected varieties reintroduces the balance between the agricultural production and the market demand, allowing the maintenance of profitable farms.

Biogold Network EM, S.A. through “the variety network “discovers and introduces “a world of varieties” into the Euro-Mediterranean Market.

The variety network brings together decades of experience in research and development and the best know-how related to research, assessment and selection of the best varieties for its marketing within a secure, legal framework.

Biogold Network EM, S.A. integrates the best varieties with a marketing model that allows breeders and producers to add and maintain the value in the supply chain.”


The key asset of the Biogold is the global network of people that includes breeders, researchers, producers, collaborators, partners, market operators and groups of interest, in continuous search for the mutually added value with the best varieties.

Our model is open to producers that share our view allowing for decisions to be made based on information, avoiding exclusions and interferences and acting with the maximum transparency.

The maturity and complexity of the European market and its supply chain demand a coordinated and comprehensive implementation in the Mediterranean area and at the same time making sure it is adaptable to the different realities and needs of the producers in the different territories.

Thanks to our “Know-how”, expertise in the sector and knowledge in the application of cutting-edge technology in production, we can integrate resources, transfer the technology between different countries and offer the producer “a world of varieties” with “instruction manuals”.


After years of commercial relationships and long-term collaborations with different companies and entities by Biogold international, Biogold EM takes a big step to proclaim itself as a benchmark company within the sector in the whole Euro-Mediterranean arch, supported by the experience , knowledge, relationships, intellectual property and global reputation in the management of protected varieties of Biogold international.

But it is not only what Biogold International brings to Biogold EM, different agents participate in a large-scale model, which takes advantage of synergy between all its headquarters around the world.

The legal department of Biogold International, through Robert de Rooy, provides international legal assistance in the field of intellectual property to the company.

Carrión y Asociados offers the specialized legal services project related to plant varieties in the EU.

The renowned Garrigues Law Firm offers its wide experience in different legal aspects such as registration and protection of new varieties.

As well as numerous marketing agencies that allow designing innovative brands, branding projects and an image according to the Project, among them we can find:

• HUE & I




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